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  Easy Fun Bubble Blowers!

Dumbo's Bubble Blowers


  • Plastic water or soda bottles, cleaned and dried with labels removed
  • Scissors (Cutting intended for grown-ups only)
  • Duct tape, in assorted colors
  • Masking tape
  • Self-adhesive craft foam shapes
  • Stickers
  • Markers
  • Bubble solution



To start, decorate clean, dry plastic bottles. Draw a line around the bottle 4-6 inches below the mouth. Have kids decorate the bottle between the mouth and the line.

Encourage kids to get creative when decorating their bottles. Provide stickers and adhesive craft foam to make it easy and mess-free.

Once bottles are decorated, turn them into bubble-blowers. Use scissors to cut off the bottom of the bottle at the marked line.

Now its time to blow bubbles! Pour bubble solution into a shallow tray (an aluminum cake pan works well) and dip the cut-end of the bottle into the bubble solution. Make bubbles by blowing gently through the mouth of the bottle.

  Party Tip:
These are perfect for a party. Kids can decorate their bubble-blowers and then take them home as favors. Write kids' names on their bubble-blowers to be sure no one gets them confused.
  "thanks to Disney Junior for this idea"    



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